itelligence is working with Premier Foods to assist with their business planning requirements that will see the delivery of our first UK SAP Analytics Cloud Planning project.

The project objective was to simplify Premier Foods’ business planning by leveraging collaborative enterprise planning processes. The following aims were the foundation of the project:

  • The requirement of automated data disaggregation (weeks, SKUs and individual customers)
  • Collaborative medium to be used by commercial and financial planning
  • Rich presentation capability, waterfall charts
  • Strong integration with existing SAP systems

Earlier Premier Foods’ planning tools made it difficult to manage large data volumes and resulted in slow response times. To solve Premier Foods’ business planning challenges, itelligence adopted an innovative design thinking approach with early prototyping and a scrum framework with sprint planning (frequent feedback and adjustment sessions) that would ensure an agile delivery.

SAP Analytics Cloud was a clear choice for budgeting, forecasting, and analysing. The solution matched the customers’ requirements (ease of use, low setup effort and scalable) and the solution could handle the large quantities of data.

We’re currently finishing up with design and blue-printing and will start with realisation in mid-July that will see itelligence working closely with their BW team for integration. Regarding project timescales, testing is expected to be completed by the end of August and go-live planned for the end of September.


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