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As an HR executive within the CPG sector, are you facing additional challenges during this disruptive time?

In response to recent times, the CPG industry has stepped up to serve a population in need. While other industries are dealing with the effects of a downturn, CPG production has ramped up as consumers seek out trusted brands in food, drink, cosmetics and cleaning products amongst others.

HR executives need to be equipped to take on the challenges and opportunities that these disruptive times bring. They need to maintain morale and effectiveness of the workforce by monitoring employee wellbeing. They also need to ensure learning and development for staff working on-site and those working remotely. However, to achieve this they need to combine traditional HR operations with workforce insights to truly create engaging experiences that maintain operational efficiencies.

In this session, you will hear from HR transformation experts on how to be sustainable & scalable as a business in these challenging times going forward.


  • Understand how to create a new workforce experience
  • How to rapidly upskill employees and enable them to learn from anywhere
  • Redeploy your employees to different areas in your business, quickly!
  • Explore our rapid disruption mitigation solutions that are designed for your immediate business needs

Join us for an exciting and insightful session to future proof your HR Function against disruption and discover smart HR solutions for a better future together.

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Kulan Kandasamy

Kulan Kandasamy HXM Solution Director itelligence

Kulan has 17 years of experience in delivering HR solutions to address business challenges across 30+ countries. With a strong understanding of people, culture, and technology, he believes the right formula for success is bringing balance between them

MIKE Theaker

Mike Theaker SAP VP HR Advisory

Mike specialises in HR transformation and HR service delivery effectiveness and has over 25 years of experience in designing and delivering HR transformation projects. He holds an MA in Human Resource Management and a BSc in Psychology.

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