How can you justify the ROI of an
HR transformation project? 

A white paper for HR professionals produced in partnership with
People Management


Why the digitalisation of HR is non-negotiable

Digitalisation of HR is an integral support beam in building a modern HR and wider business strategy. Digital transformation of the HR function will help companies to understand how motivated their workforce is and in turn, how well their strategy is working.

Organisations recognise the importance of investing in their people but often do not gain insights into the kind of engagement that drives better business results. The digital transformation of HR also presents an opportunity for companies to streamline and automate their processes, reflecting what employees want and expect in every aspect of their lives.

Yet sometimes HR professionals struggle to justify investing in Human Experience Management (HXM).

In this report, we set out to provide HR leaders with a clear business rationale for investing in a better employee experience.



Why some organisations risk being left behind

Companies need to explore new business models and tools to help them to continue to thrive. The question for HR professionals is how can they translate these changes into a clear, measurable and company-specific HR strategy? This involves a number of decisions about processes, operating model, structure, HR operations, outsourcing versus insourcing and self-service.

CIPD People Management Magazine Expert Report Sections:

• Any organisation which isn’t constantly reimagining itself risks being left behind
• Human Experience Management will help companies to pinpoint what is and isn’t working
• The risks of doing nothing
• An effective HXM transformation project will deliver a wide range of business improvements
• In conversation with the Global People Director at Mercury Engineering


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